We have been wondering how an individual musician can get popular on social media in 2019, so we contacted Jaka Bostjancic (NGHTBLD) and he revealed his promotion strategies. It’s no secret that he was able to build a cult-like following over the past few years and his promotion methods seem to be working.

Jaka is a music producer & entrepreneur from Slovenia, where he was born and raised, but still, the majority of his audience comes from other countries. “It was never my goal to “make it” in Slovenia. Since I’m a music producer, my main focus is working with as many artists as possible. There’s no way to do this if you limit yourself to one country. Too many musicians make this mistake and end up missing out on the bigger picture.” he says.

Credits: Jaka Bostjancic

One thing he mentioned, which he says it’s the most important part of growing your social media profiles, is that you have to engage with your followers. “People are more inclined to follow someone they can relate to, look up to, or connect with. That’s the reason why celebrities exist – people look up to them. However, your strategy should firstly be to connect with people and build relationships with them. If you engage with their posts, they will engage with yours. Scratch their back and they will scratch yours.”

At first we didn’t understand why getting engagement is the most important part and skipping it almost certainly leads to failure, but then Jaka Bostjancic explained how it works. “See, people like to be in groups. If you think about it, thousands of years ago, hanging out in groups was necessary for survival. You couldn’t make it on your own out there. And this is still in our genes, we naturally want to survive, so we find friends, hang out in groups and connect with people who share the same interests. Because of that, we all follow someone who already has followers, solid engagement, and so on. So, if people see you have a nice engagement on your posts, they will be more inclined to follow you thinking “he/she must be great if so many people liked/commented/shared his photo, I should follow him/her as well”. As you can see, engagement is a crucial part on your way to success.”

Like Jaka said, this is the best way to get engaged social media following nowadays and way too many musicians don’t care about it.