Music technology is changing fast. Really fast. Nobody knows what the future has for us and we can only guess what will happen to music producers. Will robots replace them, just like they started replacing other jobs? Or will people just stop listening to music and there will be nobody to make music for?

We discussed the future of music with Jaka Bostjancic who comes all the way from Slovenia and is getting the attention he deserves nowadays.

He has worked with local Slovenian artists, but also some of the most famous worldwide producers in the game. We could describe his production style as minimalistic and melodic. While other producers try to make “hard” beats suitable for clubs, he focuses on expressing his feelings through melody and drums.


“Your own production style is not something you acquire in a few months. It takes practice, patience and some more practice to get there. Firstly, you have to really dig deep and learn music production inside out. The next phase is usually copying other producers and their styles, trying to replicate them. And this phase usually lasts up to a year, even two, depends on your dedication. Then, and only then, can you start thinking about developing your own style and maybe even inventing a new genre. But once you do, it will be so worth it – your audience will like you for who you are, not who you’re trying to be. You will worry less about other producers and won’t be comparing yourself to them as much.”

However, with your own style come a lot of problems as well. When you’re making beats that are market-proven already, people like your work. Because that’s just what they’re used to listen. But when you come up with something new, they will be shocked.

“Sure, not everyone’s going to love your style and they shouldn’t. Imagine what would happen if all people on Earth liked the same things? Mass confusion and hysteria, that’s what. We would also all be the same, like some kind of robots with no personality. Being different is great, so go out and be different. Just stay true to you.”, Jaka explained.

Jaka Bostjancic thinks that music producers, especially ones earning their paychecks on the internet, try too hard to make everybody like them. He says everyone likes different things, so why does everybody try to make the same type of beats?

“Type beat producers get a lot of love, but also a lot of hate. They’re being accussed of copying other styles and all sounding the same, but that’s just because they have all figured out what sells the most. Since that’s how they make their living, why not make beats that actually sell well, even if it means working on something that’s not you.”



Image taken from Jaka’s Instagram page.